Size: 3.0m/10ft

  • 3.0m/10ft
  • 3.6m/12ft
  • 3.9m/13ft
  • 4.5m/15ft
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Weight(light/heavy) 4/5

floating rate(sink/float) 4/5

Casting against wind(hard/easy) 4/5

Dry fly performance (low/high) 4/5

Nymphing performance (low/high) 1/5

Length: 3.0m/10ft; 3.6m/12ft; 3.9m/13ft; 4.5m/15ft


This ESZ Tenkara shot line is designed with perfect density balancing to allow it to float extremely well on the surface. We do not recommend to use this line for nymphing. Additionally, its small diameter and heavier head will help you easily cast against the wind. Created to accommodate a big fly on a Tenkara rod, this is overall the best option for dry-fly fishing on a windy day. The loop at the end of the leader makes connecting the tippet an easy task.


The Tenkara shot line and the Tenkara heavy shot line come in a different color of backing on the end to help you identify and distinguish the two versions easily.