Size: 3.0m/10ft

  • 3.0m/10ft
  • 3.6m/12ft
  • 3.9m/13ft
  • 4.5m/15ft
  • 7.0m/23ft
SKU: N/ACategories: LEADERS


Weight(light/heavy) 3/5

Floating rate(sink/float) 4/5

Casting against wind(hard/easy) 3/5

Dry fly performance (low/high) 5/5

Nymphing performance (low/high) 2/5

Length: 3.0m/10ft; 3.6m/12ft; 3.9m/13ft; 4.5m/15ft; 7m/23ft


The ESZ poly leader is a floating leader with a PVC cover and a poly core. Because the density of the core is low, we have been able to create a leader that floats incredibly well. The poly core also keeps the lines from having low-line memory.


We redesigned the PVC coating of the ESZ poly leader to make this line the best option for dry-fly casting. We do not recommend to use this line for nymphing. The loop at the end of the leader makes connecting the tippet an easy task.