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Size: 13FT (390CM)

  • 13FT (390CM)
  • 15FT (450CM)


We designed our Rivermaster Z2 on the basis of Rivermaster Z1, and it is a Tenkara rod designed for big fish. Yes you heard it! ESZ wants to show our customers our Tenkara rod is not only for small fish, our rods performance can totally handle something like 24 inch Rainbow Trout. When we designed Rivermaster Z2, we extended the size of each segment to remove more connecting points, that’s why the closed length is 27.8inch.  The strong back bone provides you the strength, more accurate casting and better control feeling when fighting with the big fish. We would highly recommend using Rivermaster Z2 for nymphing or euro nymphing. The two length options: 13ft and 15ft can provide you the same water coverage as traditional fly fishing euro rod. From the founder’s opinion, if you don’t worry about the longer closed length, Rivermaster Z2 with 13ft is the best option. It is adjusted to balance between high performance, water coverage and weight management for both dry fly and nymphing. For obtaining a better counter balance for casting, we use weighted aluminum bottom screw. It also has a plug storage at the bottom screw to keep your plug secure. The 360 degree spinning Lillian which can easily untangle the leader from the rod. Every segment has two anti-lock channels (“ALC”) at bottom to prevent you from over-tie. Rivermaster Z2 has an 8.75-inch straight handle which brings the same handle feeling wherever you hold it. We want our customers have the confidence to challenge big fish in some famous spots around the world.


Extended length: 3.9m/13ft; 4.5m/15ft
Rod action: 4:6(Japanese rating 6:4)
Closed length(with plug):
70.6cm/ 27.8inch
Weight(with plug): 86g; 95g
Plug weight: 2.1g; 3.2g

Handle length: 22.5cm/8.86inch
Segments: 7; 8

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