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Size: 10FT (300CM)

  • 10FT (300CM)
  • 12FT (360CM)
  • 13FT (390CM)


Rivermaster Z1 is our best all-around rod, which comes with three length options: 10/12/13ft. Our rivermaster Z1 is the lightest option among our regular size product lines because of higher level carbon fiber. For example, the 10ft Z1 only weighs 66g. This feature will keep you comfortable even after a full day casting. The design of 4:6 action will also provide you the confidence fighting big fish with accurate casting. We try to provide you a best balance and performance rod for you, so we designed our Rivermaster Z1 as simple as possible. It can give you the best feeling of casting, the accurate casting, and the confidence 4:6 power for control a big fish. Rivermaster Z1 has an 8.75-inch straight handle which brings the same handle feeling wherever you hold it. The 360-degree spinning Lillian which can easily untangle the leader from the rod. Every segment has two anti-lock channels (“ALC”) at bottom to prevent you from over-tie. For obtaining a better counter balance for casting, we use weighted aluminum bottom screw, and add a plug storage to keep your plug secured. No matter if you are at high mountain streams, alpine lakes, wider rivers, local ponds or high fishing pressure spots, there is always a right Rivermaster Z1 size for you.


Extended length: 3.0m/10ft; 3.6m/12ft; 3.9m/13ft
Rod action: 4:6(Japanese rating 6:4)
Closed length(with plug): 
53cm; 54cm; 53cm
Weight(with plug): 63g; 79g; 85g
Plug weight: 1.8g; 2.3g; 3.2g

Handle length: 22.5cm
Segments: 7; 8; 9

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