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Size: 10FT (300CM)

  • 10FT (300CM)
  • 12FT (360CM)
  • 13FT (390CM)
  • 15FT (450CM)
  • 23FT (700CM)
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Weight(light/heavy) 3/5

floating rate(sink/float) 3/5

Casting against wind(hard/easy) 3/5

Dry fly performance (low/high) 3/5

Nymphing performance (low/high) 4/5

Length: 3.0m/10ft; 3.6m/12ft; 3.9m/13ft; 4.5m/15ft; 7.0m/23ft


The ESZ PVC nylon leader is a product with balanced sinking and floating performance. Comparing to our poly leader, we use a higher density core to make it sink faster, and more suitable for nymphing or euro nymphing. The line will float on still water but take longer to float to surface after the wave punch. Before you start fishing, we recommend that you use a leader straightener to clear the line memory.