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Size: 10FT (300CM)

  • 10FT (300CM)
  • 12FT (360CM)
  • 13FT (390CM)
  • 15FT (450CM)
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Weight(light/heavy) 2/5

floating rate(sink/float) 4/5

Casting against wind(hard/easy) 2/5

Dry fly performance (low/high) 4/5

Nymphing performance (low/high) 3/5

Length: 3.0m/10ft; 3.6m/12ft; 3.9m/13ft; 4.5m/15ft


The ESZ poly leader is a floating leader with a PVC cover and a poly core. Because the density of the core is low, we can create a leader that floats incredibly well. The poly core also keeps the lines from being low line memory. The ESZ poly leader can use with dry fly, but also nymphs or Euro nymphs. Due to the small diameter and light weight, the water resistance is low to make the split shot or  anchor fly dragging your line sink to the position.