The ESZ Foldable Net is super easy to carry, fitting well in both checked bags and carry-on luggage on a plane. Our foldable net features a longer handle that is nearly the same length as the net rim, due to the joint folding in half, which makes it easier to land fish, especially for Tenkara fly fishing. This new design can enhance your fishing experience by offering added reach and convenience. The ESZ foldable net is the perfect size for landing fish up to 18 inches, and the net's holes are small enough to prevent little fish from slipping away. If the rubber net gets damaged, it's very simple to replace a new one. Please check our user’s manual for more instructions.


  • Built with four different materials for durability and usability:

        7075 anodized aluminum (net rim), 6063 anodized aluminum (joint), titanium (main bolt), and carbon fiber (handle).

  • Net joint designed so net can be easily opened with one hand. 
  • Can be used as a traditional fixed landing net, or a folding landing net.
  • Accessories Not Included.



Net Rim: 340mm(L) x 289mm(W) x 245mm(D)

Handle: 330mm(L) x 26.3mm(D)

Total length: 735mm

Net hole diameter (biggest): 17mm


Download Manual Product Video