At ESZ®, we use the billet production process rather than casting or forging to make our Forceps, which allows us to retain the hardness and toughness of titanium in the high conditions. The billet manufacturing method requires high-precision equipment and experienced engineers to billet titanium to the necessary thinness.


It takes a total of 300 hours to grind and polish each ESZ® titanium Forceps, as titanium is very light, strong, and extremely hard to craft, compared to other metals.


Why spend so much time to manufacture a simple Forceps


We believe that anodized aluminum is no longer the best option for high-end fishing tools. Our goal is to provide tools of the highest quality through hardness, toughness and durability, whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater. 


Simply remove the foam cover on the top, the ESZ® titanium Forceps package turns into a fly box.


The ESZ® titanium Forceps has a lifetime warranty. If your Forceps ever breaks or bends, just send it back to us and we will ship a new one to you.*

(* Scratching, loss or theft are not covered by warranty)



Total Weight: 158g

Forceps Weight: 25.3g

Package Dimensions: 182mm(H) x 103mm(W) x 16.9mm(D)

Forceps Dimensions: 158mm(L) / 6.22’’(L)